Ethnos360 Custom Products

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We specialize in custom solutions.

Let us design a custom product for you.

Above are some examples of custom jobs that we or others at Ethnos360 have designed. Some are displays and some are literature. We can also do various signage and other solutions.

Design your own

To use our generic product templates (Click here for our template page or ask us for a custom one).
Upload finished designs. Note that we work in Adobe software. If you are working in a different software please save out as a high quality PDF. Save in layers if possible. Turn all fonts to outlines or rasterize.
NOTE: We  submit all custom designs to the Ethnos360 design team for approval

Have us design for you

Our graphic designers can modify an existing Ethnos360 design or come up with a custom design for you. Our graphic design services are charged at $15 per hour. We will follow Ethnos360 design standards and look.

Images or ideas for your custom designs can be up loaded here Upload files. Please note that Ethnos360 design standards require only high quality images be used. Please upload images as they came from your camera or phone, unedited. The file should be a minimum of 1mg or bigger to be print quality. We can assess them for you.

NOTE: We will submit all custom to the Ethnos360 design team for approval

Send instructions or inquiries to or call us at 903-757-4530

(PLEASE NOTE: we cannot use any of the designs show on this page for you without the missionary that ordered them’s permission as the designs and images belong to them. We can do something similar for you if you like though. Just send us your images.)