About Us

Since 1969, TECH Team has served ministries and churches around the world, helping meet their ministry needs. In our decades of service we have done well over 10,000 projects, in all 50 states and over 150 countries.

Our vision: To be the service mission like-minded Christian ministries may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.

Our team of pledge-supported missionaries, volunteers, and missionary interns utilize a wide variety of technical skills and training. Our desire is to provide creative and technical solutions to ministries and churches, that God’s mission of transforming lives for Christ would be accelerated.

Our Team of professionals is comprised of:

Missionary Staff, serving full-time, doing the work they have been called to for the furtherance of Christ’s Kingdom. They are pledge-supported through the gifts of individuals and churches.

Missionary Volunteers, giving of their time, talents and expertise to serve with us as their schedule allows.

Missionary Interns, who are primarily college students and desire a missionary experience in their field.

We have five different areas of service:

Graphic Services:

Helping enhance the image, message and communications of ministries.

Our graphic designers and print production people specialize in custom solutions for your ministry. We provide Graphic Design and print services in the area of table and floor displays, literature and web, and logos and ministry identity services.

Facilities Planning:

Designing ministry facilities from the early stages of planning to final construction documents.

Our architects, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and construction specialists provide master plan consulting, project and site analysis, facility programming and building design services to missions and churches around the world.

Software Services:

Meeting the unique needs of missions and missionaries with affordable software solutions.

Our software developers ans support specialists develop desktop software, smart phone apps, web-based databases and do data conversion for missions and missionaries.

Vehicle Leasing:

Providing reliable, low-cost vehicles for missionaries on home assignment.

We lease safe and reliable vans and sedans.

Ministry Development:

Is a video seminar and workbook which we put together providing God-Centered, Faith-Based, Prayer-Driven capital campaign solutions.