24″ Retractable


24 in Retractable Banner display
• Full Height: 24″ wide x 82″ tall.
• Medium Height: 24″ wide x 62″ tall.
• Tabletop Height: 24″ wide x 42.5″ tall.



An easy to set up, sturdy display, Just swivel the feet out, put in the pole, pull up the banner and hook it to the top and you are done.

This product can be set to three different heights by the removal of one or two of the poles. You can purchase the banner at the height you prefer or design one to work at all three heights. Use it full height at a conference or church, 3/4 height, set on top of a table or on the floor at a smaller venue, tabletop height at any venue or a small church. It folds up small and compact, fitting nicely into your suitcase.

Printed on a fully recyclable, high quality PET substrait with high quality printing. We finish with a matte laminate for a display that will last years.

Let us do a custom design for you, charged at $20 per hour. Upload notes or elements to our up-loader page.

If you would like to design your own graphics please see our Graphic Guidelines. To download a template, see the next tab. To send us finished files, please use our Upload page.

Shipping: We don’t charge a product until it ships, so we would add the cost of shipping right before we ship.


Printed Banner


  • Full Height Banner:
    • 83.65″ tall x 24″ wide
    • Visual design area 78.75″ x 23.5″
    • Installed display stands 82″
  • Medium Height Banner:
    • 63.24″ tall x 24″ wide
    • Visual design area 58.75″ x 24″
    • Installed display stands 62″
  • Tabletop Height Banner:
    • 43.37″ tall x 24″ wide
    • Visual design area 38.75″ x 24″
    • Installed display stands 42.25″


• Full color print on a fully recyclable, high quality PET substrait with high quality printing.
• Finished with Cold laminate for protection of the print


Dimensions of mechanism:

24.125” wide x 3.75” deep x 3.5” tall. Swivel legs extend 4″ to either side for a total depth of 11″ when used.


  • • The stands’ body is brushed aluminum with a pull-up retractable mechanism (similar to a window shade), which rolls the banner up inside to protect it when it is stored.
  • • 3 segment Aluminum pole can be separated into segments for different display heights.
  • • An aluminum top rail with plastic end caps. Clamps securely onto the banner. The plastic end caps hold it closed. The pole fits into a slot in the back giving a smooth look.


24.125” wide x 3.75” deep x 3.5” tall

Carrying Case


–  Black nylon fabric with a nylon liner and nylon zipper. Adjustable nylon carry strap allow you to carry it by hand or over your shoulder.


– 25.25” wide x 4.25” tall x 4.5” deep



On the retractable banner templates there is a bleed area on the top and bottom, please extend your design INTO the bleed areas. This won’t show in the final product but gives a smooth transition with no risk of a hard line. The top bleed area is for the top rail and the bottom winds down into the stand.

Keep fonts and critical objects out of the bleed areas.

If you are using a different version of Illustrator you will need to delete the clipping mask.

Product Templates
24″ Retractable Full size Banner (24″ x 82.97″) 300ppi (You can reduce to 150ppi if your files get too large) (Photoshop
Illustrator & PNG files)
24″ Retractable Medium Banner (24″ x 63.24″”) 300ppi (You can reduce to 150ppi if your files get too large) (Photoshop
Illustrator & PNG files)
24″ Retractable TableTop Banner (24″ x 43.37″) 300ppi (You can reduce to 150ppi if your files get too large) (Photoshop
Illustrator & PNG files)

You can use these templates to send us your concepts or you can do the design yourself. If you do that please see our Graphic Guidelines on how to best put your designs together and save them for us to print.

• The templates will contain the correct resolution. Generally, files should be kept around 300 dpi. Large display designs can be 150-200 dpi to keep the file size manageable.

• We have templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. For all other design software please use the JPG or PNG templates.

• If you need a custom template please contact us at gsorders@techteam.org

We prefer you to submit designs with layers intact. This makes it much easier to do color adjustments so your print comes out looking good. Please be sure and turn your fonts to outlines or rasterize them.

If you do submit in a flattened file please be sure to hide the “DO NOT PRINT” template layer.If you want to save to a png or jpg please include the bottom red line (found on all archetype header templates).

If your file is very large consider zipping it before you send it. To send files please click here.

These file types work well for layers: PSD, PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, AIT, INDD, INDT.

You can also send:JPG and PNG

Please save JPGs at the maximum size. For PNG save fast and uncompressed.