Eco-7′ Bamboo X-Stand


The 7 foot tall Eco- Bamboo X-Stand with banner displays 86.6” tall x 31.5” wide x 19” deep.

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Eco-friendly, lightweight and stable and easy to set up. The thin flexible arms keep tension on the banner, holding it flat. Bamboo is a natural, renewable material. The rich look of the natural bamboo wood grain gives this display a warmer richer feel than your standard aluminum.

Full-color print on a fully recyclable, high quality PET substrate with high quality printing.To lengthen the durability of your print we finish the banner with a matte finish cold laminate. The corner holes are reinforced with power tabs, These give a cleaner look than grommets and are much stronger.

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Printed Banner


86.6′ tall x 31″ wide


• Full-color print on a fully recyclable, high quality PET substrate with high quality printing.
• Finished with Cold laminate for protection of the print.
• Corners finished with Power Tabs. (cleaner look and stronger than grommets)



• The longest pole with the center hub measures 49.75″
• Sets up 86.6′ tall x 31″ wide x 19″ deep.


(5) Set of five bamboo slats with acrylic end caps and hooks
(1)Central hub made of strong acrylic. It is attached to two of the poles
(1) Cotton carrying bag 51″ x 4″ flat with draw string on end.
(1) Sturdy cardboard shipping box 51″ x 4” x 4”



If you are using an earlier version of Illustrator you will need to delete the clipping mask. The power tabs that we use for the holes are clear, letting your design show through. we will cut a hole though to accomide`

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7′ Bamboo X-Stand (31.5″ x 86.6″) 150 ppi 7’B.psd 7’ 7’Bamboo.jpg

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