Ethnos360 35″ Telescoping Retractable


The 35 in wide Telescope Retractable stands 35″ x 31.75″ to 101″ tall (2.65′ to 8.47′ tall). It has a magnetic leader allowing you to easily switch out banners. Chose a per-designed banner or let us design one for you.



Chose the pre-designed banner or, if you would like to order a different design you have designed please put notes in the comment section.

Let us do a custom design for you, charged at $20 per hour. Upload notes or elements to our up-loader page.

If you would like to design your own graphics please see our Graphic Guidelines. To download a template, see the next tab. To send us finished files, please use our Upload page.

NOTE: We will submit all new designs to the Ethnos360 design team for pre-appoval before we print.

Shipping charges will be added later. We do not charge until we ship.

Our 35″ x 102″ Telescoping Retractable has many exciting features not available on your normal retractable.

  • You can adjust the height of the banner with a simple twist of the pole. Set the overall height of your display between an amazing 101″ all the way down to 31.75″ tall and anything in between. This allows you to use your display in a variety of venues, from a large convention to a small home meeting. Just design your banner to work at different heights. Unlike many other poles this display locks solidly into place wherever you put it very easily, and unlocks just as easily.
  • There is no cross piece allowing for the display to sit back against the wall. When used on a tabletop, this leaves a lot of space in front of the display to place other items.
  • Tension is wound on and released by pulling the chrome plated end caps off. There is a place for the Allen wrench at one end for releasing tension and an octagonal hole at the other for winding tension on the banner.


Printed Banner


  • 103 1/8” tall 34 7/8” wide.
  • Installed it stands 101″ and can be retracted down to 31.75″ tall.

(Please call for pricing on shorter banners. If you need one we will also provide you with a template for whatever height of banner you would like.)


  • High quality print on a non-curl block out production film substrate.
  • Finished with Cold laminate for protection of the print.



34.875” wide x 7.375” deep x 2.75” tall


  • The body is brushed aluminum with shiny chrome plated end caps. The end caps are held on with magnets and come off so you can adjust the tension and pin the banner roller for transport.
  • Aluminum telescoping pole with secure lock points.
  • Aluminum rail clamps onto the banner and fits into the aluminum pole. It features soft ends to keep the rail from damaging the banner in transport.


One comes with your mechanism. (Extra ones can be ordered separately. Contact us if you want one. Only needed if you are going to change out different banners in your mechanism.) Designed to be attached to the banner by a sticky strip but easily removed from the mechanism. It attaches to the mechanism by a metal strip that fits into a magnetized slot in the mechanism roller. This allows you to have multiple banners with one mechanism. A big help if you are overseas and need different banners for different events.


The leader is 34 1/2″ wide x 14″ long


Nylon and with a metal magnetic strip to connect to the base unit. Sticky strip allows you to easily attach banner.

Carrying Case


35.75” wide x 8” deep x 3” tall


Lightly padded, made of black nylon with an adjustable nylon carry strap and nylon zipper.


If you would like to do a custom design here are Templates

On banner templates there is a bleed area top and bottom, please extend your design INTO the bleed areas. Do not crop these out of your finished design. The top bleed goes under the top rail. The bottom winds down into the stand giving you a clean line.

Keep fonts and critical objects out of the bleed areas.

Product Photoshop Illustrator JPG
36″ Retractable Banner (36″ x 82″) 150 ppi TeR.psd Telescope-Retract.jpg

You can use these templates to send us your concepts or you can do the design yourself. If you do that please see our Graphic Guidelines on how to best put your designs together and save them for us to print.

Be aware that we have to send all new designs to the Ethnos360 design team for approval before printing.

• The templates will contain the correct resolution. Generally, files should be kept around 300 dpi. Large display designs can be 150-200 dpi to keep the file size manageable.

• We have templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. For all other design software please use the JPG or PNG templates.

• If you need a custom template please contact us at

We prefer you to submit designs with layers intact. This makes it much easier to do color adjustments so your print comes out looking good. Please be sure and turn your fonts to outlines or rasterize them.

If you do submit in a flattened file please be sure to hide the “DO NOT PRINT” template layer.If you want to save to a png or jpg please include the bottom red line (found on all archetype header templates).

If your file is very large consider zipping it before you send it. To send files please click here.

These file types work well for layers: PSD, PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, AIT, INDD, INDT.

You can also send:JPG and PNG

Please save JPGs at the maximum size. For PNG save fast and uncompressed.