ShowStyle Briefcase


This compact display of durable polyethylene panels travels easily. The ShowStyle® folds to a 13″x 24″ briefcase; it unfolds from a briefcase to a 48″ × 24″ tabletop display. You may add 1, 2, 3 or 4 professional graphic panels as well as a header graphic. You can also order an extra header with or without a graphic.

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The $223 price includes the ShowStyle with a blank header (see picture). If you already own a ShowStyle Display but need a new header or panels click "No Display" below.

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You may also order:

• a header print
• an extra blank header with/or without print
• 1, 2, 3 or 4 printed graphic panels

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The ShowStyle Briefcase tabletop display eliminates the need for awkward panels and shipping cases. The display comes with a header which fits snugly in the back of the briefcase when traveling. Release the tabs and set it up on top and you are ready to show. Extra headers are available.

Header finish and graphic panels are priced separately. You can order any combination, or order replacement ones without the display. Let us know if you would like custom shaped panels. For the panels we do high quality printing on a non-curl block out grey-back, fully recyclable, PET film.. To lengthen the durability of your print we finish the panels with a matte finish cold laminate. Each panel is held in place on the Velcro fabric with low profile Velcro strips. The header print is high quality printing on Aquavinyl, sticky back, finished with matte cold laminate.


Let us do a custom design for you, charged at $20 per hour. Upload notes or elements to our up-loader page.

If you would like to design your own graphics please see our Graphic Guidelines. To download a template, see the next tab. To send us finished files, please use our Upload page.

Shipping: We don’t charge a product until it ships, so we add the cost of shipping right before we ship.


Basic Display Includes:

(1) ShowStyle Display
(1) Blank White Arch-top Header
(1) Strip of velcro dots
(1) Corrugated storage box


Case Construction:
Blow molded plastic exterior
Velcro-ready Prelude Fabric covered interior
Briefcase style top handle for carrying
Fold over secure closure

Case Measures:
Closed: 13″ wide x 24″ tall x 4″ deep
Open: 24″ tall x 48″ wide

Display panels are lined with Prelude Velcro fabric colors.

Header (included)

Header measures:
23.75″wide x 7.5″ high

Header construction:
White Styrene plastic

Header finish, (extra, order above)

Print: Hi quality printing on “Aquavinyl” sticky backed substrate, Fitted and pressed onto to your header and cold laminated for durability.

Printed Panels (are extra, order above)

* The center is two panels.

Panel Size: 

24″ high x 12″ wide per panel
-Total for all 4- 24″ x 48″

Panel Construction:

– Hi quality printing on a non-curl block out grey-back, fully recyclable, PET film.
Finished with Cold laminate for protection of the print.
Finished with Velcro strips on back to hold the panels in place. NOTE that they can be left in the display for transport or swapped out with other graphics.


Turn fonts to outline or rasterize.

If you are using Adobe software feel free to send us files in layers.

If you are using another software please save out as Hi Resolution PDF, or JPG or PNG.

NOTE: Templates are at 150ppi. If your computer can handle the file size feel free to increase your designs to 300ppi for cleaner sharper printing.

ShowStyle-PANELS 150 ppi SSP.psd SS-Panels.png
ShowStyle-HEADER 150 ppi SSH.pdf SS-Header.jpgSSHeader-template.png

You can use these templates to send us your concepts or you can do the design yourself. If you do that please see our Graphic Guidelines on how to best put your designs together and save them for us to print.

• The templates will contain the correct resolution. Generally, files should be kept around 300 dpi. Large display designs can be 150-200 dpi to keep the file size manageable.

• We have templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. For all other design software please use the JPG or PNG templates.

• If you need a custom template please contact us at

We prefer you to submit designs with layers intact. This makes it much easier to do color adjustments so your print comes out looking good. Please be sure and turn your fonts to outlines or rasterize them.

If you do submit in a flattened file please be sure to hide the “DO NOT PRINT” template layer.If you want to save to a png or jpg please include the bottom red line (found on all archetype header templates).

If your file is very large consider zipping it before you send it. To send files please click here.

These file types work well for layers: PSD, PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, AIT, INDD, INDT.

You can also send:JPG and PNG

Please save JPGs at the maximum size. For PNG save fast and uncompressed.